Oh My Monster

It’s bad enough when Leo discovers a slobbering, stinky, ugly monster that follows him everywhere! It’s even worse when he discovers the monsters of all the other kids as well! The worst thing of all, though, is that sometimes those dreadful monsters get the upper hand – just when the kids’ fears get too big.

Leo and his friends, Ollie and Ren, end up having to battle their mega-monsters with the power of imagination!

1. My Stinky Monster
2. My Noisy Monster
3. Who Is Scared of Halloween?
4. A Monster for Santa Claus
5. Monstrous Holidays 

Rights sold in Turkish and Ukrainian 

Format: cm 14.8 x 21.5 – Pages: 112 – Age: 7+
Paperback w/flaps
Full colour illustrations by Maurizia Rubino
Published in Italy by Marietti Junior