Tea Sisters

Key Facts

Target: 7-12 F

Genre: Adventure – Teenager Daylife

Spin Off of the original serie of Geronimo Stilton

Published from 2005 – translated in 40 languages

Live Events in all of Italy


The Property

Tea Sisters tlaks about 5 inseparable friends who live extraordinary adventures all over the world looking for incredible treasures.

Everything started when Tea Stilton, Geronimo Stilton charming sister and famous reporter, was sent to the exclusive Topford college to teach a course of adventurous journalism, met five very special female students.

They are Colette, Nicky, Pamela, Violet and Paulina: coming from different parts of the world and characterized by strong personalities.

United by a great desire for adventure and a true friendship, the five friends create a fantastic group called Tea Sisters in honor of their favorite teacher. Their motto is: more than friends … Sisters!

Tea Sisters is a serie of books with educational contents, able to embody great universal themes loved by girls like friendship, dreams, fashion, travel and secrets.

The Characters

Let’s meet the 5 best friends together. From left, to right:

  • PAULINA: she is from Perù, steady and sensible, she lost her parents when she was a child and she is responsible for her little sister Maria. She is always kind and she hates injustice. She loves technology, the animals and she is an IT genius. She suffers of dizziness and she is sometimes clumsy.
  • NICKY: she comes from Australia. She is energetic and athletic, she is wise and she has a strong instinct. When someone has to take action, she is the very first one! She loves running, the nature and the animals, she is not scare of anything and she can’t stay fixed.
  • COLETTE: for friends she is Cocò and she is born in France. She seems distracted but she is the strongest of the group. She loves fashion, beauty and go to shopping! She is clever, sly and very good in costumes and for fashion tips.
  • PAMELA: for friends she is Pam, she comes from US. She is extroverted and modern, she is in a good relationship with everyone and she is the one who tries to make peace and solve problems. Among her passions there are the cuisine, the music, the engines and pizza! She is a great mechanic, she is impulsive and, even if she tries to stop herself, often she exagerates with food.
  • VIOLET: she is born in China, for friends she is Vivì. She is the cleverest of the group, she has a difficult temper and she is always very precise. She has a strong sense of duty, she is reflective, calm and careful. She loves the violin, the music, the art and the painting, also the ballet. She is always very focused on details and she is shy and touchy.