Snow Black


Format: 10×30′ | Genre: sci-fi, mystery | Target: 10-14 | Seasons: 1 (season 2 in pre-production)


She’s trapped but she doesn’t know where… Or if she’s alive.
Two siblings will help her find out.

A teenage web-detective known as Snow Black suddenly disappears during her last investigation. She wakes up in a dark and empty space and soon realizes that she is trapped inside the Internet, without a body and with no memories of her past life. She can only interact with the outside world through the devices connected to the Web, and that’s how she gets in touch with siblings Kennedy and Ella Davis, who have just moved with their parents to the small town of Flor. They will help Snow Black shed light on the mystery of her disappearance, which, as it turns out, is only a part of a much bigger mystery surrounding the seemingly peaceful town and its inhabitants.