Bat Pat

Dear fans of fear, here I am! It’s… Squeaky Pat the scaredy-bat… Bat Pat to my friends!
I love to write and my specialty are books that make you shiver: those about witches, ghosts and mysterious happenings… Prepare to hear many adventures!
Humorous adventures which make you laugh and shiver, for those young readers who love witches, ghosts, monsters and vampires!
The series sold more than 2 million copies!
Translation rights sold in 15 languages: English, Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Dutch, Brazilian, Turkish, Portuguese, French, Serbian, Thai, Hungarian, Indonesian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese

Titles already published in the series:

1. Treasure in the Cemetery
2. Witches at Midnight
3. King Tut’s Grandmummy
4. Goldtooth the Pirate
5. The Sewer Monster
6. The Dancing Vampire
7. The Chilly Mammoth
8. The Ghost of Doctor Mouldy
9. The Awakening of the Hard-Headed Trolls
10. The Moody Werewolf
11. The Asthmatic Dragon
12. The Rusty Knight
13. The Sporty Zombies
14. The Tonedeaf Mermaid
15. What A Fright in Loch Ness
16. The Haunted House
17. Never Play Tricks on Samurais!
18. The Monster in the Dump
19. Phantoms at the Theatre
20. Picnic with Mr. White-bone
21. The Ogre in the Swamp
22. The Abominable Snowstench
23. Operation Tentacle
24. The Great Kong
25. Gargoil’s Awakening
26. The Legend of the Black Dog
27. A Scared Greenhouse
28. Spider in Love
29. Little People, Big Problems

SPECIAL EDITION with inserts at the end of every chapter, full of games and insight!

1. The True Story of Frankestein
2. The Alchemist’s Secret
3. Monsters at the Museum
4. Jurassic Holidays
5. Close Encounters of Bat-type
6. The Plucked Serpent
7. Harald the Smelly

Format: cm 14.2 x 18.6
Hardcover and softcover with flaps
Full colour illustrations: Blasco Pisapia
Pages: 96/240
Target age: 7+

Mysterious Adventures

Bat Pat and the Silver brothers together with their uncle Charlie, expert explorers of ancient mysteries, will travel in exotic places to live new adventures full of action and humour.

New characters in an adventure series in the mood of young Indiana Jones!

Rights sold in Spanish and Catalan

Titles already published in the series:

1. Searching for Paititi
2. The nose of the sphinx
3. The Treasure of Atlantis
4. The Jade Key
5. The Last Moai
Format: cm 14 x 19
Flexible hardcover
Full colour illustrations: Ivan Bigarella
Pages: 192 + 10 comic pages

Target age: 7+

Trio Beta

Baskerville, Cornwall. Samantha Sherlock, a teen-age girl fond of books and old mystery movies, and her three special batgirl friends, Bat Pat’s sisters, help private investigator Bob Sherlock, Samantha’s dad, to solve his cases. He is incredibly clumsy, chaotic and unreliable… It’ll be a hard work and great fun for our trio!

After the incredible success of Bat Pat, an all-new female series vastly entertaining!
Mystery and humour mix into a “fashion” atmosphere that girls will love
Rights sold in Spanish, Catalan, Hungarian and Brazilian
Titles already published in the series:
1. Four Friends for a Mystery
2. The Lighthouse Keeper
3. The Feline of Baskerville
4. A Jewel for a Diva
5. The Curse of the Bagpipe
6. The Secret of the Icy Star
7. A Treasure from the Past

8. A Champion in Trouble

SPECIAL EDITION with inserts at the end of every chapter, full of games and insight!

1. The Orient Express Tulip
2. The Secret of Sulphuria
Format: cm 14.2 x 18.6
Hardcover and softcover
Full colour illustrations: Nicoletta Persello and Roger Webber
Pages: 96/240

Target age: 7+