Coco is an orange cat with black and white spots. And she’s… well… a little overweight. She prefers to spend all day taking cat naps. But when someone is in danger, she transforms into Supercat! The feline defender of the weak!
She ends up having all sorts of incredible adventures, like rescuing a missing kitten called Achilles, chasing away a crow that’s wreaking havoc on the garden, and stopping a crazy lawnmower that’s running over everything in its path…

Rights sold in Spanish and Catalan

1. Here Comes Supercat!
2. A Pesky Intruder
3. The Crazy Lawnmower
4. Nest Hunt
5. Mystery in the Basement
6. The Bullies Gang
7. What A Mess, Supercat!
8. Peppo’s Trap

Rights sold in Spanish, Catalan and Basque

Format: cm 16.4 x 20.5 – Pages: 36 – Age: 5+
Full colour illustrations:
Enrico Lorenzi
Published in Italy by Edizioni Lapis