Agatha Mistery


Format: 10×30′ | Genre: mystery, detective | Target: 11-14 | Season 1 in development


Loosely based on the mystery children’s book series of the same name, Agatha Mistery is the live action show where every case is… a Mistery.
Agatha Mistery, the perceptiveness of a great detective, a knack for drawing and poor public relations skills, embarks on a summer vacation to Italy with her cousin Larry in order to find out what happened to her father, who went missing in the peninsula when she was little.
But what was supposed to be a leisure trip and a chance to meet the Italian branch of the Mistery family turns into a series of tangled cases that Agatha and Larry have to solve: from the theft of an extremely valuable guitar, or the attempted murder of a popular influencer, to the disappearance of a girl who doesn’t seem to even exist. In the middle of investigations, clues, possible suspects, daring escapes, dangerous encounters and new friends, Agatha will find out that her own family is full of mysteries, too.