About us

Leading trans-media entertainment company, Atlantyca Entertainment houses Production & Distribution, Publishing, Foreign Rights, Licensing & Live departments. The company manages all international rights for numerous properties including “Geronimo Stilton”, “Bat Pat”, “Berry Bees”, and “Snow Black”.

Atlantyca is the producer of “Geronimo Stilton”, the globally successful animated series based on the popular book series, featuring the famous mouse journalist, with co-producers SuperProd and the participation of Rai Kids. Three completed seasons (78×23’) have been sold all over the world, from China to the US, from Russia to India, as well as the whole of Europe (Italy, France, Germany, UK, Spain, Portugal, Benelux; Nordic countries etc.). Most recently, Los Angeles based film production company Radar Pictures, and Atlantyca signed a deal to produce the first animated feature film on the children’s book favorite.

Atlantyca Entertainment has produced two seasons of the funny, scary “Bat Pat” (104 x12’) animated series, that proves that supernatural monsters and beings aren’t evil, they’re simply misunderstood. The second season is a co-production with Mondo TV Producciones Canarias with the participation of Rai Kids (Italy) and RTVE (Spain).

The company’s animated series “Berry Bees” (52 x 12’), the buzz-kicking spy-action series, featuring three 10-year-old friends, Bobby, Lola and Juliette. “Berry Bees” is a co-production with SLR Productions (Australia), Telegael (Ireland), and Studio Cosmo Maya (Singapore and India) with the participation of broadcasters Rai Kids (Italy) and Nine Network (Australia). “Berry Bees” won Italy’s prestigious Diversity Media Awards for Best Kids Series of the Year in 2020 and in 2021 it received the MOIGE family-friendly TV award bestowed by the Italian Postal Police.

In 2022, Atlantyca dove into live-action production with the premiere of its first live-action series entitled “Snow Black”, a co-production between Atlantyca Entertainment, Rai Kids and in collaboration with Bedeschi Film. The series premiered in Italy on Rai Gulp and Raiplay and received the MOIGE TV award. “Snow Black” is based on the book of the same title, written by Francesca Tassini and Mario Pasqualotto, published by Marietti Junior.

The Production department also offers support as a service in all stages of pre-production and production of animated series. The commercial arm in its Distribution division has achieved significant sales results since start-up, with the sale of the Geronimo Stilton series worldwide and the Bat Pat and Berry BEES series in over 100 countries. The Distribution division also markets Atlantyca’s library rights.

The Foreign Rights division deals with the sale of translation rights for the Geronimo Stilton books and for over 1700 additional titles for other IP owned properties, boasting over 8000 agreements for translations in 60 languages. It is also the agent for leading Italian and European Publishing Houses.

By participating in major trade fair events in Bologna, London, Beijing and Frankfurt, the Foreign Rights department maintains a firm foothold in the international market. Since 2010, the division’s subsidiary serving the Far East and based in Beijing, has become one of the leading agents in this outpost through direct relationships with about 40 publishers there.
The Licensing & Live division manages all international licensing initiatives and the planning, production and development of live shows related to all of Atlantyca owned properties: “Geronimo Stilton”, “Tea Sisters”, “Bat Pat”, “Berry Bees”, “Snow Black” brands and their spin-offs.

Atlantyca’s first U.S stage show featuring Geronimo Stilton took place in 2016, with the premier of “Geronimo Stilton: Mouse in Space”, followed by shows in Asia, with live theater productions premiering in Singapore and Hong Kong. Geronimo Stilton has also become an ambassador and a cultural mediator thanks to important collaborations with the MUDEC in Milan, the Prado Museum, the Galata Museum in Genoa, the Leonardiano Museum of Vinci, the Civic Museum Rovereto, Archeological Sites of Pompei, Ercolano and Torre Annunziata, the Campi Flegrei Archeological Site, the Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo, the Santa Giulia Museum, the Archaeological Park and Castle in Brescia, the cultural event F@MU (Family Day at Museums). Other collaborations include one with the Ministry of Culture’s General Directorate of Libraries for the “Topi da Biblioteca in tour” project. In 2021 the first immersive exhibition dedicated to Geronimo Stilton was held in Milan – “Geronimo Stilton Live Experience. Viaggio nel tempo”, – and is now touring major Italian cities nationwide.

Atlantyca Publishing oversees the creation of new content and the design of children’s books series for the international market. The division has produced more than 400 books in 10 years, working with some of the most eminent Italian and international publishing houses. In 2020, Atlantyca launched Marietti Junior. It was founded by Pietro Marietti (the man behind Edizioni Piemme as well as Atlantyca). Marietti Junior is dedicated to discovering and growing talent in publishing children’s books “Made in Italy”, taking stories across publishing borders through Atlantyca’s sales and production divisions that develop and license projects to over 170 countries in every field of entertainment.

In 2017 Atlantyca received the “Governance Advisors Digital Award” in recognition of those boards of directors who through enlightened governance have led their companies toward permanent digital innovation. Again in 2017 the company received a China Award for “Creators of Value”, following the 2010 China Awards where CEO Claudia Mazzucco, won the Capital Elite Women Managers award. The Chinese experience was at the centre of the recent conference with Claudia Mazzucco organized by the Confucius Institute in Milan entitled “Geronimo Stilton, mouse writer: an Italian publishing success in China”.

In 2018 a series of three lessons was held at the Holden School titled Atlantyca – Designing Series for Kids, which, starting from the amazing experience of a transmedia company with international scope, revealed to Holden students the inner workings, and what goes on behind-the-scenes required in developing children’s series for the global market featuring case histories and practical exercises.

For a decade, Atlantyca has proudly been honored with promoting the ethical project called “Terra Lingua Madre”, designed to encourage second generations to maintain a connection with their cultural roots by reading texts in their mother language. The project has exceeded the quota of 13,600 volumes in 25 languages donated by Atlantyca to Consulates, Libraries, Associations and Cultural Festivals, and Neighbourhood Centres.