Adventures of a Sweet Little Pest


Format: 52×7′ | Genre: superhero comedy | Target: 4-6

The meanest. The evilest. The sweetest!

ATTICUS lives in a fantasy world where the eternal fight between superheroes and villains happens by means of “rainbow darts” and “unicorn rays”. In this world, Atticus’s parents are super villains whose evil plans are always thwarted by the forces of good. He is so fed up with them coming home with twigs and leaves in their hair, that he’s decided to become the first successful villain in history.
Every morning, Atticus wakes up in his evilest Self and concocts a perfect plan to create chaos: whether it involves melting the snow before a school trip in the mountains, or smashing the cake at the birthday party of his arch- nemesis Aurora, the goal is always the same – proving to be the biggest villain in the world.
Unfortunately, he never succeeds. Not quite like his parents…even worse! The snow melts, but the kids have a blast jumping in the puddles he left behind and the birthday party becomes the best Aurora has ever had with a “cake war” at the end.
And there’s more: every time Atticus is disappointed for the failure of his plan, his hair turns curly, his eyes get bigger and on the verge of tears.
How can you be evil, if you always end up doing good and you look like the cutest thing on Earth? Well, our Atty is not one to give up: with the help of Sammy, his best friend and assistant, and Loris, his messy pet slow loris, he will try very hard to be the best villain the world has ever seen.



MRS e MR Von Kruel, alias VK TEAM