Five princesses, five magical animals, one mission: saving Incanto!

The five sisters Samah, Kalea, Nives, Diamanteand Yaraattend the Royal Academyfor princes and princesses inIncanto, a peninsula at the edge of the Kingdom of Fantasy. Side by side, they face the big and little problems typical of all young students (homework, crushes, friendships…). Underneath, however, there is a secret that makes the sisters’ life very different from that of their classmates, a secret fraught withdangerand anextraordinary destinythey share! Incantois actually a magical place where natural harmony reigned for many years. But now the unscrupulous wizard Egor has launched a terrible attack to gain absolute power. There’s only one path to salvation: reawakening theancient Power, destined for five courageous fighters accompanied by five magical animals. This is the five sisters’ destiny: becoming theGuardians of Incantoand defeating evil forever!

Rights sold in Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Dutch, Hungarian, Russian and Greek


Format: cm 14.2 x 18.6
128 full colour pages
Age: 7+
Published in Italy by Edizioni Piemme