Mini Fairy Tales

Attilio has created this brand new series of classic tales for the littlest readers. A writer, painter, designer, and illustrator of children’s books for over 40 years, Attilio is an internationally awarded artist. His writing is clear and direct, using short sentences and a gentle sense of humor. Elegant and concise, his artwork attracts children’s attention with its simple lines and brilliant colors. Attilio speaks directly to little readers, with illustrations based on primary geometric shapes and clean black trait.


Rights sold in French, Turkish, Brazilian, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Catalan, German and Romanian

Attilio was awarded the 2017 Italian Andersen Special Jury Prize and in 2019 received a special lifetime achievement mention by the Bologna Ragazzi Award in the Toddler category

Format: cm 16 x 16 – Pages: 28 – Ages: 2+
Color illustrations: Attilio Cassinelli
Published in Italy by Edizioni Lapis

Mini Stories

In his Mini Stories, Attilio tells us about a little goldfish who lives in a tankard and never wants to go to sleep, a mischievous goat who eats the leaves collected by the mice, a little bear who helps the bees make honey, and a cat who finds a secret treasure map in a trunk.
With their unmistakable style, these stories are perfect for children to learn about nature in a fun way.


1. Red is Not Sleeping
2. Mice and the Leaves
3. Teddy and the Bees
4. Pericles and the Treasure
5. First
6. Coming to Play?
7. Moving Home

Rights sold in Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Romanian, French and Simplified Chinese

Attilio Cassinelli received a special lifetime achievement mention by the Bologna Ragazzi Award 2019 in the Toddler category

cm 18 x 18 – Pages: 28 – Ages: 2+
Color illustrations: Attilio Cassinelli
Published in Italy by Edizioni Lapis


Reading. How, when, where, with whom, and why? Any place and any time are perfect for reading. Every reader – from the smallest to the biggest – has their own habits. Some people stay up all night until they finish the story. Others love to read in complete silence, far from every distraction. Then there are people who lose themselves in the pages no matter where they are. Some people can’t read yet and love being told stories. So, it’s just as well that other people love to read stories to them!

Standing, sitting, lying down. Alone in a room or out on the stormy sea. From page to page, Attilio’s characters show us all the different ways there are to read. And every reader is guaranteed a smile when they find themselves.


Format: cm 21 x 21 – Pages: 40 – Ages: 2+
Full colour illustrations: Attilio Cassinelli
Published in Italy by Edizioni Lapis