Super Chicken

Mikey is a ten-year-old boy with freckles, glasses, and permanently messy hair. Everyone thinks he’s a wuss. But little do they know about him, because Mikey’s an alien with superhuman powers. Every day, Mikey battles evil emissaries from Perfidux, who hunt him down to study his incredible powers. But he does it undercover, dressed as a bird: SUPER CHICKEN! Once he’s done battling all those aliens, Mikey has to deal with parents, homework, and the school bullies who pick on him and his friends. After all that, he has to run off to rescue all those people who need him. It’s hard work being a superhero!


1. Super Chicken and the Alien Stink-Shooter
2. Super Chicken vs Mr. Popcorn

2 more titles in 2021


Format: cm 13.4 x 20  – Pages: 136 – Age: 7+ – Paperback
B/W illustrations by Francesco Fagnani
Published in Italy by Edizioni Lapis