Wrong is the story of a journey: Davide and Elisa, both 15, are on the run, looking for a place to  be themselves. It’s also the story of a friendship and the search for a common language to express all those emotions that the two just can’t deal with.

Davide is the invisible boy. He doesn’t like or dislike anything specific, girls and boys frighten him equally, he doesn’t fit in with any particular group, and he doesn’t know how to approach his own desires.

Elisa’s family has just moved to the city from a small town so that her kid brother can get the therapy he needs. She doesn’t know anyone yet. What she knows is that her half-wit brother, will not help her make new friends.

Through text and images, the story snowballs towards the meeting between Davide and Elisa, and between two different ways to go wrong and be wrong – and to do it together.

Based on the school theatre event that won The 2018 Scenario Infanzia Award

Format: cm 14 x 21 – Pages: 152 – Age: 11+
Paperback w/flaps
Full colour illustrations by Marta Baroni
Published in Italy by Marietti Junior