Bat Pat

Key Facts

Target: 5-9 M+F

Genre: Creepy Comedy

Season 1 – 52×11’ episodes

Season 2 – 52×11’ episodes

TV Channel: Rai

The Property

Bat Pat is a funny and yellow-belly pat who lives with the Silver family in Fogville, a small town where supernatural creatures seem to be habitual.

But what brings these monsters to Fogville? The Silver kids – Martin, Rebecca and Leo – along with Bat Pat, will help them to solve their little problems…

A funny property, with highly attractive themes for children as creepy show and that stands out for great collectability.

The Characters

Let’s meet the main characters together!

  • BAT PAT is a talking bat, sociable and friendly. He is a creature of the night and he is careless and clumsy. He believes to be a great expert in supernatural creatures, but he continuously mix up creatures and their phobias.
  • REBECCA SILVER is brave, tenacious, impulsive and adventurous. When there’s something strange Rebecca is ready to bet that is the work of a mysterious supernatural creature and she is often right.
  • MARTIN SILVER is thoughtful, studious, rational, intelligent and terribly coward. He prefers to stay home for finishing his homework rather than chasing her sister and her lust for adventure. His brain is still his best weapon even if he is afraid of his shadow.
  • LEO SILVER is lazy, sleepy, reluctant in his relationship with water. He is an amazing inventor and he always helps to solve some of the problems of the creatures.