Berry Bees


Format: 52×12′ | Genre: spy, action, comedy | Target: 5-9 | Seasons: 1

Berry Bees is a buzz-kicking animated series with three inseparable young friends as protagonists: Bobby, Lola and Juliette, aka the Berry Bees.
Ordinary kids, it seems – until the world’s top secret spy villain unleashes mayhem and the B.I.A. (Bee Intelligence Agency) calls them into action, for those special spy missions in which only kid agents can be involved.
That’s when Bobby, Lola and Juliette get ready to swarm, whether it’s to protect the coral reef from a mysterious submarine, or find out who’s stealing kids’ secrets and posting them on social media.
Bobby, tech-genius and a bit of a nerd, Lola, skilled acrobat and contorsionist, and Juliette, talented actress and mentalist, are the perfect trio when it comes to infiltrate the criminals’ lairs and thwart their evil plans before it’s too late.
Whenever adult agents are too old to find a way, our kid spies are summoned to save the day, with the help of the curious gadgets Ms Berry provides them in each episode. Because who says adult spies should have all the crime fighting fun?






Ms Berry