Geronimo Stilton

Season 1

Format: 26×23′ | Genre: adventure, comedy | Target: 6-11

Geronimo Stilton is an exciting animated adventure-comedy series based on the successful book series of the same name.
The series follows the adventure of Geronimo Stilton – head a veritable media empire and erudite mouse – and Benjamin, his fearless young nephew.
Geronimo would be more than happy to spend his days reading or playing chess with his nephew. But then, adventure always comes knocking on their door and they are launched paws-first into capers in New Mouse City or in exotic places around the world, hanging by a whiskey and dangling by a paw.
An opportunity for a new adventure? A scoop? They’d better not miss it! As they’re in news 24/7, Geronimo and Ben have a knack for finding a new subject and new information, anywhere and everywhere, even in the midst of the most incredibile and dangerous situations.
Trap, Geronimo’s cousin and Thea, Geronimo’s sister, join Geronimo and Benjamin in their adventures. Trap is the ultimate pack rat and consummate prankster.
Thea is a daring special correspondent. They both know that Geronimo would never let his family or friends down (unless they’re in a sospended cable car, in that case, they’ll beg him to let them down!).
Let Geronimo and Benjamin Stilton lead you on an adventure that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. Like they say. “We’ve always got room for one more, so here we go!”.

Season 2

Format: 26×23′ | Genre: adventure, comedy | Target: 6-11

Season Two will see our friends travel to great new adventures, with Benjamin and Pandora leading the action and team Geronimo Stilton fighting dangerous and evil villains with the help of their new friends, from the brilliant and eccentric Professor Von Volt to Benjamin’s beloved robotic pet Max!
This season we will showcase exciting new locations, from Geronimo’s secret library and the Geronimo Stilton Media Group’s TV broadcast studio, to Benjamin and Pandora’s school. In Prof. Von Volt’s laboratory we will discover his latest invention: the Meta-Mouse, a fabumouse all-in-one, go-any-where craft that will bring our friends scooping news in New Mouse City and beyond!
Once again team Geronimo Stilton will take you on adventures that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat!!!

Season 3

Format: 26×23′ | Genre: adventure, comedy | Target: 6-11

Geronimo Stilton is back for the third time!
Geronimo, Benjamin, Thea, Trap and Pandora are ready for new fabumouse adventures.
New transformations of the Meta-Mouse, including a “SuperRoad Vechicle” – perfect for tackling rough off-road terrain in the desert and a rocket for space exploration.
New characters, such as Van Mousling, the so-called witch hunter, will cross paths with Geronimo & Co. And some popular characters we’ve met before, like Sally, Crunchrat and the Prince Noguda.
Cool inventions from Professor Von Volt will have kooky consequences, like Geronimo and Sally switching brains!
The new season will deliver more comedy, more action and a quicker pace for a super cheesy fun!


Geronimo Stilton new adventures - trailer

Geronimo Stilton trailer


Geronimo Stilton

Benjamin Stilton

Thea Stilton

Trap Stilton

Sally Rasmaussen


Professor Von Volt


Chippy P. Crunchrat

William Shortpaw

Simon Squealer