Cats & Clues

Cats & Clues

Author: Alessandro Gatti – Davide Morosinotto

“Ah, Paris! The city of lights, the Eiffel Tower, and romantic restaurants. But also… the city of cats!”
Four street cats from Paris solve the most unsolvable mysteries right under the nose of Inspector Rampier, possibly the biggest bumbler in all France. They’re the ingenious Mr. Moonlight, the sophisticated Josephine, the street-smart Dodò, and the mischievous little Pompon. After all, pussycats go where men fear to tread!

Laugh-a-minute stories that introduce children to the mystery genre; delightful illustrations rich in details.

Book in the series:

1. Who Kidnapped the Cooker’s King?
2. The Gentlepuss Thief
3. Who stole the Golden Cat?
4. Who Framed Jean Moustache?
5. The Strange Case of the Missing Sausages
6. The Big Hit on the Bank of Paris

Rights sold in Spanish, Catalan, Turkish, Hungarian, Macedonian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Russian

Format: cm 13 x 20
Illustrations in B/W: 
Stefano Turconi
Target age: