Me, Mum & Mystery

Me, Mum & Mystery

Author: Lucia Vaccarino

An unexpected letter and an “Open” sign on a shop door trigger the adventures of Emily and Linda. They leave their hectic life in London for Blossom Creek, a remote village in Kent where weird Uncle Orville has his cottage. Although that ‘cottage’ turns out to be the abandoned headquarters of a detective agency. Well… it was abandoned actually. Until Emily turns the “Closed” sign over on the front door. Almost immediately, the first case of the would-be detectives knocks on the door, and they end up solving a mystery with a team of the most unlikely assistants.

A modern mom and daughter in a very special relationship marked by their passion for mystery!
Innovative artwork that combines Paola Antista’s illustrations with photographed backgrounds


Rights sold in German, Spanish, Catalan, Greek, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Indonesian and Bulgarian


Format: cm 15 x 21

Paperback with flaps
Illustrations in B/W: Paola Antista
Pages: 172
Target age: 10+